Frequently Asked Questions

1. How the client receives a download link?

Person who buys a file is being redirected onto the download page after the payments are done. What is more he receives an email with the link to the file.

2. Your account is not confirmed by PayPal.

If you get this error it means your PayPal is not ready to procedure such automated payments. In this case you have connect your billing information on PayPal. It takes minutes :)

2. Make sure you accept the currency.

Accounts on PayPal are NOT compatible with different currencies on default. You can check what currencies you accept by visiting PayPal website and going to your profile settings.

4. Account not found.

This means the PayPal address of the file author does not exist and we are not able to go through the payments.

5. When do I receive money?

Every payment is held automatically. That means after someone buys the file the money goes to you in seconds.

6. Is there some hashtransfer fee?

You can use hashtransfer for free. However there exists the fee which is equal to 3% of the product price.

7. I did not receive the download email but I paid money.

Everyday we are optimizing website to work at its best. There's still very very small chance that something goes wrong. If you won't receive a file and pay please contact us at, send PayPal confirmation and we will provide you the link to the file.

8. Someone sold me fake files.

Our goal is to give you insight of what you are buying. That means such problems won't occur in near future. However if you are the one who was said to buy some file and received completetly different product we are not able to help you. We provided email on the file page to help you contacting the author. What is more you can open a case on PayPal and sue the author for the return.